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  Black:                  Bone:               Brown:

  Dark Gray:        Granite:           Natural:

  Pecan:             Sahara:           Sand:

  Silver Belly:       Silver Mist:

  Base Price - $450 (includes sewn bound)

  Custom Fit? - $100:Yes   - What is it? Custom fit is a recommended
   option for those who may not have a standard head size and/or shape.
   You will be responsible for any additional resizing and shipping
   expenses, if your standard size hat does not fit you.



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 Ribbon Crown Band? - $0:Yes (same color as your sewn bound ribbon)
(Note: If you choose ribbon crown band then please choose desired bow.)
            Regular Bow? / Big Bow? / Lady's Fan?

 Horse Hair Band? - $35:Yes (limited colors, depending on availability)

 Custom Made Beaded Band? - $125:Yes

 Pencil Curl Edge of Brim? - $35:Yes

 Horse Hair Stampede Strings? - $30:Yes

  - Name You Want Imprinted Inside The Hat
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Shipping Information - We do not ship our hats in cardboard boxes the way
   custom hat companies does it. We ship all of our hats out in a protective
   hat cans at no extra cost because we value our customers and the
   investment they make in their buckaroo hats.

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