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Thanks, the best features of this type of hat is that it's comfortable year round- not hot in the summer, but warm in winter. Really keeps the sun off my face too. Because of the precise fitting, I could wear it all day long and never be uncomfortable. Barry makes these the old way- by hand, and yes, it takes a while for him to complete each hat, but they're well worth it. I'm very, very lucky to have two- a light colored one and this one. Sooo comfortable, and I can wear them around the barn or just out and about. Lots of people love the style, and not just horse people! -Debbie H.


That's my kinda Lady! My hat fits so nicely I forget I'm wearing it until the end of the day when I try to lean back in my recliner chair! -Christine K.


IT'S HERE!  My hat is beautiful!  And, it fits perfectly!  Thank you so, so much!  I'm really happy with it!  If I get a good picture wearing it I will send it to you. Thanks again!

-Suzanne G.


I wanted to let you know that I have been wearing my hat the last few weeks. It fits great and looks beautiful! -Jordan N.


Your (amazing) hat was delivered yesterday, all is OK, customs clearance lasted a few days. My older daughter wants the same, fortunately, younger daughter hasńt seen it yet (I know, Íll be under an unbearable pressure) Thank you. -Petr P.


The hat is simply beautiful. This will be a treasured piece for Carly.  Thank you! -Gail R.


I just got my hat! And I love it! Thank you so much! -Catlin B.


Thank you! The hat arrived and I could not be more pleased with it! -Shana N.


I got my hat today…I love it and it fits great…thank you so much… -James C. P.


The hat looks stunning! Better than I had imagined. -Brandy D.


I put it on and immediately took a picture. It fits like a dream! -Carly E.


My hat is awesome and I really like it! Thank you so much! -Drew N.


The hats are lovely. Thank you. -Sarah J.


The hat is amazing amazing amazing. It is an amazing piece. Well worth waiting for. I had a booth at The Horse Crazy Market last weekend selling my cinches and crafts. I wore my hat each day. EVERYONE loved it. Lots of people asked where I got it. Directed them to your page. More people reached out and touched my hat than I liked but boy oh boy, everyone wanted it. I loved wearing it! Such a nice hat. -Bethany G.


It's perfect, thank you!! -Bobbi J. O.


Loving the new hat thank you -Ashley S.


It is beautiful! Love it! Thank you so much -Susan W.


Hat fits good I'll send pictures when I get some time. -Joseph S.


I just wanted you to know that Mary's new hat arrived and she loves it. All was in good order and secure in the packaging. We both think it's particularly pretty and the liner with her name is a nice touch. The fit is perfect. Attached are a couple of photos with her using it today. Thank you and Merry Christmas. -Ed and Mary


I love the hat you built for me, Black with Ivory bound brim. Your hats are top quality functional and beautiful. I'm always getting compliments. Something came up out of the blue, I will place my order on the first of January. Thanks for your reply, God bless, can't wait for my next hat! -Monte T.


I received my hat. Thank you. I am very pleased. It is very well done and I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you again. -Mike C.


It's arrived and it's awesome!! Thank you so much! The hat is wonderful and I love it!

-Kate E.


Just arrived. Wow. Fits like a glove Berry, what craftsmanship in your work. I am about speechless which my wife will say is not like me. I am certain that when she sees it tonight she is going to want me to order a fancy one to go with! Your hat will be worn with pride for many years.  Thank you for making it for me, I do appreciate your work and will feel the buckaroo spirit in my days to come working and playing under this hat. -Thomas A.


My hat arrived today!! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Berry!!!!! I am so honored to get to wear one of your masterpieces!!

-Megan L.


If any one is serious about a real quality lid I would advise they contact Montana Rio Buckaroo Hats as these hats are in a class of their own. Your hats are in a class of their own, I have owned many and seen many, but NOTHING as good as this.

-Trevor A.Custom Saddles

OH YEAH! Great Christmas present just arrived! Will be wearing this for sure to the Legacy of Legends... and elsewhere! THANK YOU!!!! -Patricia B.


The hats arrived last Wednesday - they are just great!! I love the black and blue one as you previewed. I wait now for a nice day to make a picture (was raining almost all days since Wednesday). My partner saw the hats and he likes them. He likes your hats really.

-Beatrice S.


We are very honored to have Montana Rio Buckaroo Hats as a sponsor! Thank you, Barry and family. -Susan S.


Deepest thanks for your kindness and extraordinary craftsmanship..  -Katherine V. H.


I bought this hat for Tom last year on his 2 year anniversary of being sober! Yesterday marked 3 years sober! He wore his hat to the barn (he rarely does) so I caught some good pics of him in his "reward hat" Congrats to 3 years sober babe!! -Traci D.


The first day of fall and I broke out my custom felt hat you made for me! I am absolutely in love with it. Thank you so much again. -Cody S.


Hi, Berry, I went back to Thacher school, where I got my hat...fits just right, and it is perfect, thank you very much. Adios, -Rene D.


The hat arrived today and it is amazing! It fits good and looks great. I am so so grateful for all your time and energy put into it and am very impressed. I will try to post pics soon. Thanks again and God bless. -Kassidy


Great hat! Thank you, Montana Rio! -Jace D.


Got my hat, looks great, fits great. Thanks a lot, Berry. -Brett W.


The hats are the top quality we love them. -Christian W.

Jacqueline loves her hat and it fits her mom perfect. So Jacqueline and her mom are fighting over the hat. Thank you. -CW


Thank you for the hat! The hat fits perfectly and it made me look real good. -Brian M.


Thanks I can't wait! Think, if it's not raining I'll ride to church Sunday sporten my new hat!



I got my hat today and I love it! My parents are so envious. It fits and looks great. Thank you so much. -Cody


I got the best deal ever on this hat! Even like most things in this world people should buy the best. It will last me a life time! -Darby M. F.

I have been wearing my Montana Rio Buckaroo hat since it arrived about a month ago.  Thank you for doing such a great job!  Craftsmanship and fit are great!!!  I am saving up for my next Montana Rio Buckaroo hat.  I need to decide on the color.  I have enclosed a picture of me (wearing my new Montana Rio Buckaroo hat) and my mustang Nacho. Thanks again! -Martín O.


You have the best quality and prices of any hat maker in America! There is something special about your hats! I could write pages of stories about what happens when I wear my hat! It's beauty and energy draws opportunities and people to me! I have seriously considered writing a children's book about it! -Saralyn T.


Hello, Barry.  Before I made a public post to thank you, I wanted to send a personal thank you. I felt like a little girl picking up my hat from our little local post office, but I wasn't the only one excited. My family and local friends all were in on the event too. We have a few flat hat families in our ranching/equine community and you are a rock star to them! The beautiful buckarette hat you built for me is a work of art I'll treasure for a lifetime. I wish people could understand that a hat is less about fashion than it is about a way of life. You deeply understand the lifestyle your hats represent and that authenticity is what makes you a singular artist. Thank you, my friend. -Mary K.

Thank you for the most beautiful hat I have ever owned.  Your workmanship is perfection!

-Deborah K.


Just got my hat in! WOW! It looks amazing and more important, it's a perfect fit. Thanks so much. Well worth the wait, makes me feel even more stupid when I sent you the email to cancel my order. I'll be sending you a picture soon. Endless thanks! -Garrett O.


Wow!  You are indeed an artiste! -Paul H.


Just wanted to let you know that we have a winner. Much better fit. Thanks for your efforts. I'll wear it proudly. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Best regards. -Robert C.


I received my hat yesterday. The hat looks great and fits perfect. I will wear it with pride. Thanks once again! -José M.


I got the hat. It's gorgeous.  What a beautiful hat and I love the birthday for my late mom inside. It is one of the nicest, most well-made hats I've ever had and I love it. I almost want to order a second. Thank you again. -Bryan C.


Yeah, it looks good. That trim makes it very unique. I like it. -Vincent M.


I love it better than expected. -Matt W.


I am in shock at how beautiful my hat turned out. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much.

-Melanie C.


I received my hat yesterday and I love it. Thank you for the awesome craftsmanship.

-Tate H.


I absolutely love it!! It's perfect!! -Sarah H.


Berry, got my hat today, it 's perfect!!  Thank you so very much. -Jennifer A.


This is absolutely lovely. Wow! I am so happy with it and look forward to wearing it. -Dee J.


I received the hat about a week ago. I love it. Had plenty of compliments and the boys asking where I got it. Hopefully, you see a few orders from here in Banff. I will likely order another in a few weeks.  Thanks so much. -Jon N.


It's beautiful!  I hope I can do it justice. It is such a work of art!  Thanks so much! -Daarla K.


Just wanted to let you know I just love my hat!! I wore it at the Buck Brannaman clinic I attended and got so many compliments on it!! It's stunning!! Here are a few pictures of the weekend I thought you'd enjoy.Wow!  You are indeed an artiste! -Melissa D.


I purchased a hat from you about a year and a half ago.  It's SO beautiful, and yet it remains in pristine condition on my hat rack because I keep grabbing my old hat instead. -Jennifer S.


Love it, it's beautiful. Thank you, my friend. -Anthony B. D.


I got my hat! I've never worn a that fit so well. That's saying a lot since an unruly horse fractured my skull in February. My head has been quite tender as that heals. But the fit of my new hat is amazing! -Louise L.


Thank you again and hope to order another hat from you soon. -Ingrid E. T.


I received my hat yesterday. It makes my ankle brace and crutch look good! The hat is perfect thank you so much. -Shelby K.


WOW, my hat is even more beautiful than I had expected - and I did have VERY high expectations already. Thank you so very much for creating this masterpiece for me! I hope the weather will be great over the weekend so that we can take some pictures and send them your way. Thank you again!  Everyone is asking me where I got that wonderful hat - also because there are not a lot of people in Germany walking around with Buckarette hats :) Best. -Christin S. 


I receive my hat - it's amazing.  Thanks! -Kara M.

I received my hat today, and I just had to tell you how much I LOVE it! It is a work of art. It fits beautifully...I will be proudly wearing it this coming week at the McGinnis Meadows Guest Ranch! -Sharon M.


Thank you, Berry Sewell, for the most beautiful custom made the hat I've ever seen! It is an honor to wear it in the buckaroo country of Elko, NV! Your craftsmanship has attracted much attention at the Ruby Mountain Film Festival. Thank you again. -Susan S.


Hello Barry, just wanted to let you know that I got my hat and I absolutely love love love it. It fits perfectly. I am amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the hat and to say the least my husband is extremely jealous. Thank you so very much. Wore it into town yesterday and had so many compliments. I will take some photos today for you. I have a show here at Martins Cove for Sun Ranch Days. Thanks again. -Trinity S.


Wow, it looks just great Berry. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to wearing this for a long time. -Gary W. - Saddler


Barry, I received my hat and it fits great and I love, love it I am very happy. Thank you soooooo much! I have placed an order for a black one. Thanks again Barry!  -Kimberlee B.


This is my favorite time of year & there is just so much going on between brandings & getting cattle to grass. I appreciate everything you've done for me. I'm looking forward to representing your fine craftsmanship. -Reid S.


Barry did a beautiful job for me.........what a gift. I'll be wearing this lid next week at the futurity in Scottsdale...and you know I'll get compliments. -Michael F.


Thank you So much, Barry!!!! -Tom D. Horsemanship


It is absolutely Gorgeous!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! You are a true Artist my friend! I can't wait to slip it on my head! Thank you so much! -Charlene G.

Damn man I just kick back & Look at my HAT! Wow, Bobby Jr & I are lucky to have your ART work. So hope all is well with You and your Lovely Family.  I can Look at Hats no more...after owning an original Barry Sewell Hat! Megwetch Barry! Hiy hiy! -Bobby B.


I had many compliments while riding in Colorado. Rick and I had the pleasure of riding with Bruce Sandifer. What a life changing experience that was. We have both ridden all our lives and my husband has been cowboying his whole life but we will never ride the same. As intimidating as embarking into the world of riding in the classical bridle bit style is.....we will never be able to go back to the way we rode before. So exciting!! Berry, my hat fits like a glove.... Thank you so much. -Marcia W.


Hat, it's arrived about 10 days ago. Is it beautiful! I am just back from vacation .... on horseback (of course) In these days I put to hard test the hat ... dust, rain, and snow ... is OK! Great great job, my compliments. -Massimo from Italy

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