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Our CUSTOM HAT ORDERS means precisely that, a truly customized hat that was built for you. We have no use for the hat once it has been creased, built, and tailored for our customers. Our felt supplier does not accept returns once it has been delivered to us; therefore, we can not return your felt once it has been bought for you. Instead of returning your hat for a refund, we promise customer satisfaction by agreeing to rework your hat until it meets your expectation.

In essence, at the time of placing an order, you understand and agree that the hat is not refundable. Depending on the nature of the complaint, we will rework the hat until the customer is satisfied. Read below.


We have a policy of insuring every hat package we ship out. The tracking number will be made available when a request is made.


 The customer has an obligation to let us know if he/she needs some more time to pay the remaining 50% balance. We are always more than glad to wait until you're able to pay the remaining balance; however, we can not and will not hold onto your custom hat indefinitely if you do not let us know. Usually, we would send you notices several times within 30 days; however, if you do not respond and we do not hear back from you, we will then proceed and list your hat on a public or private bidding site to make up for the losses we may have incurred as well as loss of time and business. The initial deposit 50% that the customer made will be forfeited; however, we will always make efforts to avoid this. It is in our interest to help you get the hat you want.
Please be advised that because of the unique nature of creating custom hats including, but not limited to special custom sizing of a hat, purchasing of special materials, custom pattern cutting which renders material unique to the specific heat, creation of special blocks, other custom orders including, but not limited to special accessories and/or any other custom-crafted materials, and any and all other items that Montana Rio, Inc. can not cancel an order once it has been processed. Our "no refund" policy shall be in effect for all items and descriptions as stated in this agreement. By ordering a hat, you agree to accept all the provisions set forth in this service agreement. And by placing an order, you understand and agree that you have entered into a legal and binding agreement. Montana Rio, Inc., therefore, has the rights, where applicable, to utilize any and all legal recourse if said customer shall attempt to default on their legal and binding obligations.


To assist us in making a decision on who might be responsible for handling and shipping costs, we expect our customer to provide us with the written description and several photographs of any specific defective material or craftsmanship for our review. We are fully aware that our customers may not be aware of how hats were built the traditional (old)way; therefore, they may not understand what to expect from hand creased and hand sewed hats and may unfairly compare our custom hats with a machine manufactured hats. Simply put, we can never match the machine-made hats, just as machine-made hats can never match our handmade hats. The two are completely different. However, if it appears that your hat is not defective and yet you still wanted the hat to be reworked, then you will agree to cover the handling and shipping costs. We expect our customers to be as honest as possible about their hat just as we know our customers expect the same from us. To help and prevent this guarantee satisfaction policy from being exploited by our customers, we expect our customers to cooperate in discussing handling and shipping costs for a hat to be returned to us for repair or rework. If there is evidence of defective material or craftsmanship on our part, we will fully reimburse you for the shipping cost. We are not responsible for delays caused by shipping companies.


 As stated in this disclaimer, our customer understands and agrees that orders can not be canceled or refunded. However, an order can be canceled within 24 hours if 1) The materials have not been ordered. 2) We have not started working on the order. Returns and refund fees shall be the decision and be held solely by Montana Rio, Inc. 


1) Please notify us within twenty-four hours after you receive your hat if you notice a problem. Otherwise, we will not do a refund. We can not monitor how our customers handle or treat their hats once it is in their possession. We are not responsible for abuses that might occur, including natural tear and wear factors. 
2) When a custom hat is shipped back to us for rework, the hat must be in original condition and packaging. Otherwise, we may not refund, or we may apply additional charges. 
3) We build two types of custom hats. One is based on custom fit. The other is standard size. There are risk factors involved in both these options. If we are unable to measure you in person, a custom fit involves the shipping back and forth of a custom measuring kit. Errors on the customer's behalf in completing the custom measurement kit can and do happen on occasion, resulting in an incorrect fit. With the standard size, you run the risk of the hat has an incorrect size or fit. We expect our customers to provide us with as accurate a size as possible. We do strive to make sure your hat fits you as well as possible. If necessary, we will strive to correct the hat size. However, the cost of shipping and handling has to be reimbursed by the customer. 
4) When a customer has given us wrong information, such as hat size or description or the customer is disputing the order and does not want the item, does not want it to be repaired, replaced, or exchanged for another item, but rather only a refund; We will gladly do a refund after we have deducted the cost of A) The felt. B) Raw materials used on Montana Rio, Inc. makes every effort to C) Any special work requests. D) 20% Restocking Fee. E) 10% reprocessing fee. F) Handling and shipping costs. It is solely the discretion of Montana Rio, Inc. to decide what would be final.


Montana Rio, Inc. makes every effort to ensure safe shipping for all of our hats. However, once our merchandise has been shipped, it is in the hands of shipping companies. Therefore the condition of our hats upon arrival is beyond our control. Fortunately, all-out hats are insured, so if there is any problem with a damaged hat, let us know, and we will collect the damages from the shipping company. We will either replace or repair the hat at no cost to you. That is, if the hat does not constitute defective merchandise. The customer understands their responsibility to ship us the damaged hat for repair or to be replaced. We can not proceed with a new order without having the damaged hat for our inspection.


To return a hat, please email us at first to arrange for the appropriate shipping address. Be sure to include your full name, telephone number, and shipping address. Wrap the package carefully. All returned products must be in original condition and packaging; otherwise, additional charges may be applied. Unless the return or exchange is due to an error on our part, we cannot refund shipping and handling. And we cannot pay for your return shipping charges.


The customer understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions herein. If the customer should file a chargeback with their bank or demand a refund, Montana Rio, Inc. shall constitute that as a false and/or fraudulent claim and may retain the services of an attorney and/or appropriate service to rectify this matter. Customer shall be responsible for all fees including, but not limited to, an attorney retained by Montana Rio, Inc.


 Due to multiple accounts that we have with several different social media platforms and common technical glitches, we can not guarantee that we will always see your incoming message(s). Since we do not control the notification system that is owned and maintained by social media companies, we can not promise that we will always receive notifications of every incoming message. Therefore, any and all essential business communications, whether it be official or legal correspondences, should be done through Montana Rio's official email address known as However, we will strive to check for incoming messages through multiple accounts and channels since we recognize the value of customer's convenience. Alternative methods should not be used for essential details concerning hat purchases and orders.

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